The Schmidt & Muller Group established in 1934 comprises of the following companies:

  • Sam Technology Engineers Pty Ltd
  • Automated Warehouse Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Electrocraft (Schmidt & Muller (Telecommunications) Pty Ltd

The group has a shared interest in Taim Weser Australia Pty Ltd

SAM Technology Engineers Pty Ltd was established to partner overseas companies having specialist capabilities in the airline maintenance and support, aluminium, transport, mining, power generation and steel industries. Recently further diversification into logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical, food, beverage and general warehousing has led to the establishment of Automated Warehouse Solutions Pty Ltd.

SAM Technology engineers is staffed with Project Engineers and they are supported by  well equipped mechanical and electronic workshops.  philosophy of establishing relationships with European and American companies of excellence is also  adopted by  Automated Warehouse Solutions Pty Ltd and Taim Weser Australia Pty Ltd.

Our group often draws upon the experience of a number of suppliers. This also includes specific expertise that the group has accumulated over the past 80 years. Equipment is either integrated into an operating system or marketed as standard products for the customer to integrate himself.

Practical experience gained over a wide range of materials handling sectors is unique. This experience is recognised in many industry sectors. A group of consulting engineers is now in force to solve problems from a practical perspective.

Electrocraft was developed from electronic controls required in the materials handling industry. Electrocraft has diversified and are now a marketing company importing and distributing equipment to the security, TV and data industries. There are six stores within Australia staffed by specialists which support this activity.

Working within the group are descendants of the founding families. Family members hold key positions in the company. This contributes to the success and stability of the company.

The group approaches problems with the “Finders Keepers” philosophy. The client often knows what he wants but does not know how to achieve the end result. The group staff has expertise to integrate many different disciplines into the overall solution. Once equipment has been supplied arrangements are often made with the overseas suppliers to market the equipment in Australia and in immediate neighbouring countries. We can then give ongoing support to the product because of our staff expertise and support facilities.


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