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Order picking is often a difficult and tiring task. Sorters, such as cross belt and shoe sortation systems, in Australia are available in different styles including cross belt, tilt tray and bomb bay. They enable high speed picking with a minimum amount of labour. Sam Technology Engineers supplies sorters and parcel sortation systems to Australian clients. We have a range of sorters that are capable of handling many product groups, such as:

  • Cartons, parcels
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Books, stationery, CD’s, DVD’s, packaged software
  • Cigarettes
  • Fashion, jewellery, sunglasses

Goods to person shuttles

Bringing the goods to the picker is an excellent way to improve productivity, accuracy and efficiency in any picking task. The automation of goods to person shuttles is now well proven with many installations around the world. Goods to person shuttles are suitable for:

  • Small items
    e.g. pharmaceuticals, confectionary, spare parts
  • Flat & soft pack e.g. fashion
  • Carton and tray handling


A-frame picking machines are specially designed to handle small items at a very high picking rate. Coupled with advanced control software, their modular design allows for easy expansion when required. A-frames are suited to:

  • High volume order picking for small items e.g. pharmaceuticals

Belt, pallet and roller conveyor systems

Transporting products in a warehouse can be a costly exercise. Conveyors are the ideal solution for moving products at the lowest possible cost over medium to long distances. Conveyors can also perform other tasks of sorting, diverting, buffering and weighing. Our conveyor range includes:

  • Powered rollers and belt conveyors systems
  • Gravity wheel and rollers
  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • Accumulation conveyors with low and zero pressure
  • Sortation and diverting systems

Data Technology

A modern warehouse, to perform at its best, requires support from the latest information, data collection and communication systems. We supply the following technologies to enhance warehouse performance:

  • Pick to Light
  • Voice
  • Radio Frequency

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