Automated Warehouse Solutions (AWS), a trading division of Sam Technology Engineers Pty Ltd designs, manufacturers and integrates the complete warehouse solution. The parent company established in 1934 has continued to totally support their installations as well as installations sold by competitors.

Areas in which AWS have expertise and partnerships include:-

  • Pallet build and storage
  • Split case picking systems
  • Transportation
  • Cross belt sortation
  • Shuttle storage and distribution

AWS and their partners have supplied warehousing equipment, such as split case picking systems to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, other consumer goods and parcel delivery industries.
Companies have to change the method of doing business as order volumes become larger and the size of each order becomes smaller. Companies can no longer increase the amount of labour to complete one complex task. Solutions and systems which reduce costs and provide a return on investment can be developed by AWS. The in-house engineering staff of AWS use their expertise to provide individual tailored solutions which satisfy the client’s requirements. Selecting and integrating equipment into a warehouse management system will simplify the most complex problems. This approach results in a design solution providing a cost efficient warehouse operation. Our Modular solution approach also means that the client is not locked into purchasing from the original supplier when technology advances requires systems to be upgraded.
Other services including: business case development, design analysis, project planning and ongoing system development are offered by AWS.
Our offices located at Sydney, Melbourne and Perth provide implementation expertise and ongoing support and are staffed by engineers and qualified technicians.
We welcome enquiries and we offer our expertise to assist clients to create a team with us to develop systems solutions for the creation of long lasting benefits for your warehouse operations.



Split case picking systems have become an important aspect of warehousing operations, as not all customers want orders to be supplied in full cases. AWS supplies split case picking systems and many other order picking and carton handling solutions, including:






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