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Schmidt and Muller Engineering is the main manufacturing and assembly factory of the Sam Technology Group, which is located at Smithfield, Sydney. The factory has conventional machine tools, CNC machine tool, fabrication and assembly bays. Our capabilities include:

• Shutdown/ emergency maintenance work
• Fabrication
• All types of welding including Mig and subarc
• Milling: small, medium and large CNC capacity
• Turning: small, medium and large capacity
• Horizontal and vertical boring
• Maintenance and breakdown work
• Machine construction
• Mechanical, electrical and control engineering services
• Mechanical and electrical engineering design

The main assembly bay has large lifting capacity. Schmidt and Muller has
achieved ISO 9002 quality assurance. We are interested in supplying
mechanical assemblies and components that require either or a combination
of machining, fabrication and assembly.

Machine and Fabrication Shop Capacity

CNC Zayer KCU 8000: table 8000 mm, height 3000 mm, ram 1250 mm
(Floor borer style)
Rakosi Universal: table 1000 mm x 350 mm
CNC Mazak V550: 1550 mm table x 500 mm
Elgar Mill: table 6000 x 1000 mm
CNC CME Mill: table 4000 x 900 mm

CNC Sun: upto 2000mm swing, 6000 mm between centres
CNC Mazak: 540 mm swing, 2000 mm between centres
Stanko import: 630 mm swing, 5000 mm between centres
Poreba: 630 mm swing, 9000 mm between centres
WMW Niles: 2500 mm swing, 10000 mm between centres
4200 mm swing, 800 mm

Borers (Horizontal)
TOS: 2500mm square table, 3000mm vertical CNC
12t Rotating table

Borers (Vertical)
Stanko import: dia 1650 mm x 1000 mm with screwing up to 50 mm
pitch diameter.

Fromag Keyseat machine: keys to 100 mm wide x 600 mm long
Hacksaw Kasto
Radial drills

Full bay with large lifting capacity
Welding boom
8 t manipulator
MIG, stick, sub arc and TIG welders

Flame hardening
Gears, internal and external

Horizontal shaft pressing and straightening 200 t capacity. 5000 mm
between platterns

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