Test Equipment

A large range of test equipment is available for rolling stock manufacturers and railway maintenance companies.

A large range of test equipment is available for rolling stock manufacturers and railway maintenance companies.

Bogie Testing rigs available comprise of different versions to suit customer specifi c requirements. The range consists of a modular system to which various options can be added. More complex systems measure tilting and navigator. The computer controls enable the resultant wheel loads, spring defl ections, axle spacing etc to be measured and recorded as the bogie is subjected to variable loads.

Spring Tests are crucial to ensure the perfect functioning of the bogie. Both axle and traverse (horizontal) spring stiffness can be determined using the spring test press. The determination of a spring misalignment and the corresponding re- alignment when fi tting it to the bogie prevents lateral forces from increasing under load. The running characteristics and derailment factors are thereby considerably improved.


  • Work Station
  • Bogie testing
  • Spring test

Jacking Systems

Underfloor lifting systems allow maintenance personnel to lift a trainset for the removal and replacement of bogies. The train set is elevated and electric or manual body supports are positioned to allow the bogie to be lowered and removed. This system provides a level flat workshop floor when it is not in use. Manual and automatic body support options are available.

We also produce an above fl oor system which will substantially reduce the civil works required for the underfloor system. Each elevating system comprises of two screw jacks and an adjustable body support claw. The screw jack system lowers the bogie whilst the body support, supports the car.

Mobile Screw Jacks: Travel on polyurethane or steel wheel systems. Mobile screw jacks are designed to lift wagons, passenger cars and locomotives. Polyurethane wheel units travel on the workshop fl oor and steel wheels on rails in the floor surface. The travel motion is either manual or electric.

A double anvil system is also offered This arrangement elevates the wagon and allows the bogie to be lowered.

Jacks can be controlled from a central control panel individually or in groupings. Wireless control at the jack column can also be provided.

Scissor lifts are hydraulically operated rail mounted or fi xed installations. They are designed to remove bogies in a light maintenance bay.

Rip Jacks Comprise of a hydraulic infl oor system which are primarily used to remove wagon bogies from the pivot pin. They are supplied in pairs or assemblies of 4. The top of the lifting column is fi tted with an adjustable anvil. Normal safety features such as crush prevention, load weighing, counter balance safety valves form part of the design. Anti lowering rack arrangement prevents the wagon from lowering if there is a hydraulic malfunction.


  • Underfloor and above fl oor lifting systems
  • Mobile jacks
  • Scissor lifts or wheelsets
  • Rip jacks

Wheel Lathes

Machine tools available include special purpose wheel lathes.

Underfloor wheel lathe is set below the rails. Permanent and retractable rails are interfaced with the fl oor rails to form a track. This allows the vehicle to travel over the machine. The basic body element comprises of two cast iron columns mounted on a common plate. The cross rail which is provided with horizontal hardened and ground guide ways is fixed to the columns. The saddles, equipped with the measuring heads and tool holders are fi xed on the cross rail. The machines are available with many different options including vehicle shunting/ winching or tractor arrangement, dust extraction and swarf evacuation systems.

Portal Wheel lathes are designed for machining the wheelset wheels used in rail vehicles. The standard wheelset tread diameter is 1,250mm and the standard length of the wheelset axle is 2,350mm. Special requirements can be designed. The machine is adapted for operation in roll through, roll-on and roll off configurations.

Vertical wheel lathe is used to execute operations such as rough and fi nish turning, boring holes on solid railway wheels and tyres. The machine is equipped with a turning railhead cooperating directly with a 5 way tool magazine. A turning/ milling railhead and a 24 way tool magazine can be provided to enlarge the capabilities of the machine.


  • Underfloor
  • Portal
  • Vertical


Customised Turntables are designed and manufactured by Sam technology Engineers.

The locomotive and passenger car turntable is designed to rotate through 360° or part thereof. Our passenger car and locomotive turntables are designed to provide accurate positioning and controlled acceleration and stopping. Once positioned the turntable is locked into position. The rotation control is controlled from an onboard control panel or radio transmitter.

The bogie and wheelset turntable is designed for indoor workshop use and they are supplied with manual or electric rotation. These are interfaced with an automatic bogie and wheelset progression system. Features include controlled acceleration and stopping from a remote controlled station or radio, automatic positioning, automatic stops and tilting rails.


  • Locomotive
  • Passenger
  • Ore car
  • Wheelset
  • Bogie


Sam Technology design and manufacture traversers for the transfer of railway wagons, locomotive, passenger cars, bogies and wheelsets.

These units are supplied having central or onboard control, radio control desk top or automatic control.


  • Passenger car
  • Locomotive
  • Wagon
  • Bogies
  • Wheelset

Drop Tables

Drop tables are used for removing bogies or wheelsets from vehicles parked on parallel lines. Bogies can be transported through tunnels to an unload position near to a maintenance area. The elevation system comprises of either a hydraulic cylinder or acme screw mechanism. The mechanism is mounted to a traveling platform fi tted with 4 wheels and a motor drive assembly.

The controls are either manual or automatic and they can be central, remote or radio control system. The control system can be integrated with a series of hatches, covers, sliding floors, load cells and limit switches all designed to suit the clients requirements.


  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

Wheel and Axle Presses

Wheelset Presses are able to mount and dismount all of the elements on the axle (wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings). Our large range of equipment can satisfy the varied customer requirements in both maintenance and manufacturing. For manufacturing or high production capacity maintenance depots a double cylinder, fully automatic wheelset press is recommended. For maintenance facilities where the output capacity is less single cylinder machines are offered.


Laser Wheel & Axle Measuring

Measurements are carried out as vehicles pass through the measuring stand. The system can be supplied with a RF/ID module which automatically identifi es rolling stock. Software is also available to collect and manage information about cars and develop planned maintenance procedures.

The system operates for low speed measuring (10-20Km/hr) and can also be applied in train and tram depots. The system can be supplied to measure wheel fl ats, wheel diameter and wheel axle diameter flats and concentricity.

We also offer a series of digital manual measuring equipment.

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